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We cordially invite you to our new pension, located close to the border crossing Běloves-Kudowa Zdroj. The picturesque town of Náchod with its rich and cultural history is only a 10 min. walk or a 5 minute ride away by public transportation. Náchod, in the valley of the river Metuje in the Náchod highlands on the northern slope of the Orlické Mountains is not only an important cultural and economic centre, but also a notable tourist path crossing. The Náchod castle carries the building marks of its renaissance and baroque owners to this day.

Náchod  Náchod  Náchod castle

The shopping centre is 300 metres away.
The pension is surrounded by woods and the river.

100 m – a big children´s traffic playground
200 m – tennis courts (in winter a tennis hall)
25 km – the zoo in Dvůr Králové (the biggest in the Czech Republic)
10 min drive – Rozkoš dam and reservoir, possibility of swimming and fishing.


It is possible to visit well-known castles in the close surroundings – Náchod, Ratibořice, Kuks, Opočno, Nové Město n. Metují. You can also drive up to the Teplice-Adršpach Rocks. It is also worthwhile to see the strongholds from World War II. You can combine trips into the beautiful countryside with cycling.

Ratibořice castle  Kuks  Adršpach Rock  Infantry blockhouse Březinka

Our tips for an active holiday:

Outlook towers:

Jirásek cottage at Dobrošov (623 m. above sea level) 7 km from Náchod.
Žaltman (738 m. above sea level) – a metal construction tower in the Jestřebí mountains, free access all year round.
Ruprechtický Špičák (880 m. above sea level) – a metal construction tower in Javoří Mountains 8 km from Meziměstí, free access all year round.

Museum of Náchod´s history – Náchod
Museum of the city of Jaroměř
Railway museum in Jaroměř
Museum of the city of Nové Město nad Metují
Museum of Alois Jirásek in Hronov
Textile museum in Česká Skalice

Bathing and water sports:
Water reservoir Rozkoš near Česká Skalice – yachting, windsurfing, boat rentals, fishing, bathing.
Špinka – a lake near Červený Kostelec – bathing, windsurfing, boat rentals
Brodský – a lake near Červený Kostelec – bathing, windsurfing
Velký Vřešťov – a lake near Velichovky – bathing
Metuje river – appropriate for kayaks and tourist boats, the most sought-after passage is from Náchod, the max. passable length from the headwaters is 69 km
Úpa river – appropriate for kayaks and tourist boats, recommended passage is from Úpice to the Rozkoš dam.
Labe river – appropriate for tourist boats, the passable stretch in the region is between Dvůr Králové and Jaroměř

Swimming pools:
Indoor swimming pool in Náchod – sauna, steam, massage
Outdoor swimming pool „Jirásek“ in Náchod – Plhov – facitlites, restaurant
Oudoor swimming pool and facilities in Jaroměř – heated water through power collectors
Swimming pool and sauna Meziměstí in Teplice nad Metují
Swimming pool in Police nad Metují
Aquapark Hradec Králové – spa, surf, solarium, water slide, jaccuzi, underwater volcanoes
Waterworld Kudowa Zdroj – sauna, solarium, massage, pool, water slide 92 m

Rock climbing:
Adršpach Rocks – 1252 towers have been climber
Křížový Vrch („Cross Peak“) – near Adršpach Teplice Rock face – 521 towers have been climbed
Ostaš – 700 m high table mountain near Police nad Metují
Broumov Rock faces – rugged and extensive rock massif

Sports flying, paragliding, ultralight and hang glider
Airport Velké Poříčí – scenic flights, flight school (training in sail planes)
Aeroclub Broumov – scenic flights on Saturdays and Sundays, flight school (training in gliders)
Aeroclub Jaroměř, airport Josefov – scenic flights for 3 people, flight school, paragliding and ultralight
Aeroclub Nové Město nad Metují – scenic and advertising flights, flight school (training in motorless and motor flying and parachuting)
Vysokov near Náchod – ultralight planes

Horseback riding:
Ranches in the surrounding area, riding schools with the possibility of riding instruction.

Tennis courts, bowling, ninepins, squash, golf, minigolf, ricochet, fitness centres

Indoor winter stadium Náchod – August-March

Náchod – Běloves – ski lifts „Brabák“ and „Maliňák“
Náchod – ski lifts: „pod Vyhlídkou“ (under the look-out) (plastic)
Machov – ski centre (ski lift 600 m)
Well-kept runs and tourist tracks

A number of marked cycling paths

Recommended excursions:
Náchod and area – Renaissance castle, art gallery, Jirásek cottage with the look-out tower on top of Dobrošov (622 m. above sea level), garrison stronghold from the year 1938 (artillery stronghold Dobrošov, infantry blockhouse N-S82 „Březinka“, NS-47 „Jaroslav“, Kudowa Zdroj, Bledne Skaty, Szszeliniec Wielki in Poland.
Adršpach – Adršpach Rocks – „Křížový Vrch“ (Cross Peak), the border crossing Zdoňov on the tourist trail to Poland.
Broumov and area – the Benedikt cloister, wooden cemetery church from the year 1495, the Baroque chapel „Hvězda“ (star) in the Broumov rock face reservation, the group of baroque churches by the Diensthofer architects, Javoří Mountains – the border edge with the Polish Republic.
Červený Kostelec and area – the house of B. Němcová, the look-out tower on Žaltman hill in Jestřebí Mountains, recreational lakes „Brodský“ and „Špinka“, the ruins of Vizmburk castle, the beauty-spot „Boušín“.
Česká Skalice and area – the museum of B. Němcová, „Barunčina Škola“ (Barunka´s school), Babiččino údolí (Grandmother´s valley), Ratibořice castle, the military cemetery and relics from the war of 1866, the ruins of Rýzmburk castle, auto camping and the dam and reservoir at Rozkoš.
Hronov and area – the birth house of Alois Jirásek, the mineral wells in the town park, the Maternice-Skalákova spring, Turov - mythical hill, Kudowa Zdroj – a Polish spa resort.
Jaroměř and area – the gothic cathedral of Saint Nicholas, underground corridors of the Josefov stronghold, the railway museum, the Velichovky spa, the baroque castle „Kuks“.
Meziměstí and area – the look-out tower on top of „Ruprechtice Špičák“ (Dog-tooth hill) (800 m. above sea-level), Sokolov, Kamenné hory (Stone Mountains), Gtuszyca, Chetmsk, Krzeszow, Watbrzych in Poland.
Nové Město nad Metují and area – the tower „Zázvorka“ with look-out, the renaissance-baroque castle, tourist attraction in „Peklo“, Slavoňov with the wooden church from the year 1553, the pilgrimage spot „Rokole“, the former spa „Rezek“.
Police nad Metují and area – the table mountain „Ostaš“, the look-out on top of „Bor“ mountain, Machov, Kartów, Radków in Poland.
Teplice nad Metují and area – the rock town of Teplice with the rock castles „Strmen“ and „Bischofstein“, the „Vlčí rokle“ (the wolve´s gulch), the rock hill „Čáp“ (stork).

The state castle in Náchod
The state castle in Ratibořice
The castle in Nové Město nad Metují

Castle ruins:
Rýzmburk, Vízmburk, Výrov, Frymburk, the Rocks (Teplice rocks), Strmen (Teplice rocks), Adršpach (the rim of the Adršpach rocks)

Infantry blockhouse N-S82 „Březinka“ (1938)
Stronghold „Dobrošov“
Infantry blockhouse NS-47 „Jaroslav“ (1938)
Infantry blockhouse „Skutina“ (1938)
Stronghold Josefov (1787) – Sight-seeing circle of underground corridors

Instructive paths:
„Babiččino údolí“ (Grandma´s valley) – length 7.5 km, 18 info boards
Stronghold „Dobrošov“ – length 4.5 km, 8 info boards
Adršpach rocks – great circle route 3.5 km, small circle route 1.8 km
Teplice rocks – length of J. Vavrouška trail: 6 km, 15 info boards
Náchod – Vysokov – Václavice 1866 – basic route 8.5 km, turn-offs 4.5 km, 9 rest stops + 3 along the turn-offs